Center for Depression Research

Despite great progress in uncovering the underlying mechanisms of many diseases over the last several decades, modern medicine has just begun to understand the human brain—the body’s most complex system and medicine’s greatest mystery.


Our Vision

A future free from the burden of depression. 


Our Mission

  • Transform the diagnosis and treatment of depression and bipolar disorder
  • Revolutionize our understanding of the biological causes of depression and bipolar disorder
  • Accelerate scientific discovery
  • Disseminate new findings to real practice


Our Goals

Our path to success is based on 5-core objectives

Partner with the community to make depression treatment mainstream.

focus on an active approach, deliver services and treatment to people where they live, demystify depression

Teach resilience to empower prevention.

focus on giving adolescents knowledge and a vocabulary to talk about mental health, and the skills to develop a personalized mental health toolbox through our Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) program and our newest program, Blue Steel.

Train the trainers.

focus on VitalSign6 training and YAM training through the CDRC Training Academy to build a future generation of depression problem-solvers

Blend patient experience with data and metrics to guide treatment and progress.

focus on incorporating measurement-based care in primary care and pediatric practices

Develop biomarkers to improve existing treatments and create new ones.

focus on precision medicine research


Our Research

For more than two decades, Dr. Madhukar Trivedi and his colleagues at UT Southwestern Medical Center have conducted cutting-edge research to improve the treatment of depression, including the largest study-to-date examining appropriate treatment sequences for depression.

Learn more about our current clinical trials here.


Stay Engaged


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