VitalSign6: Making Screening for Depression the Sixth Vital Sign is an easy-to-use, comprehensive program for the identification and treatment of depression in primary care, pediatric, and specialty clinics.

The program utilizes an innovative web-based iPad application to administer the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ) and Measurement-Based Care (MBC) systematic assessments to patients.

VitalSign6 aims to provide medical providers with the means to efficiently and effectively diagnose and manage depression and improve care for patients through:

  • The implementation of routine, evidence-based depression screening,
  • The integration into standard practice of a scientifically validated, measurement-based care (MBC) program for the treatment of depression for patients who screen positive, and
  • Integrated clinical decision support.

Patients complete the measures on an iPad during the triage process, thus making screening for depression the sixth vital sign after body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and pain.

The concept of MBC for the treatment of depression includes the systematic assessment of depressive symptoms, antidepressant treatment side effects, and antidepressant treatment adherence at defined intervals using validated rating scales with the goal of reaching full remission. 

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