Evexia Tool

Our research-driven self-monitoring tool for mental health tracking


What our tool offers

  • Access research-driven measurement tools anytime from home via our website
  • Receive bi-weekly email or text reminders to complete these self-report measures regularly
  • Use the dashboard features to track symptoms and data trends over time
  • Receive personalized tips for improving mental health & well-being
  • Generate reports of your results that you can bring to your medical provider to show progress

How to get started

  • Visit www.centerfordepression.org anytime through a web browser on your mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer
  • Register an account to take your first measures and set your frequency preference for reminder notifications

What is self-monitoring?

Self-monitoring  involves keeping a personal record of  your moods and behaviors in order to track  trends over time. This allows individuals to observe how their mental state changes and provides concrete data to show how they are progressing, and which symptom profiles need attention.


Why self-monitoring is important in mental health and wellness

  • Real-time collections to guide behavior change in daily life​
  • Reinforce positive change and counteract negative developments​
  • Establishment of healthy attitudes and behaviors​
  • Real-time collection avoids recall bias​
  • Warns of relapse or worsening symptoms​
  • Self-empowerment stimulates an active role and empowers self-health ​
  • Increases emotional self-awareness and improves self-management skills​
  • Increases help-seeking motivation and behaviors​
  • Prolongs symptom-free intervals among patients with recurrent depression ​
  • Captures important data for health care providers


Listen as Dr. Trivedi discusses the importance of self-monitoring your mental health regularly for wellness


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