Community Partnerships

The Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care has one vision: a future free from the burden of depression. More than a center, we are a community of committed faculty and staff, collaborators, clinicians, research participants, and community partners, as well as, the donors and advocates who are critical to our mission.

Our community is what keeps us going and allows us to move closer to realizing our vision.


The CDRC focuses on transforming the diagnosis and treatment of depression with a particular emphasis on developing an empirical basis for improving the treatment of depression. The center has been involved in many of the pivotal studies involving the establishment of the efficacy of antidepressant treatments (medications, psychotherapy, exercise, complementary treatments, devices, etc.), examining next steps in treatment-resistant depression to develop algorithms and guidelines, and developing and validating biomarkers to reach the goal of precision medicine for mood disorders.


Our Networks

The CDRC has created three community networks that provide invaluable partnership in our statewide initiatives:

Mood Disorders Network/ Pediatric Mood Disorders Network

Comprised of clinical and community members to address gaps in the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and management of depression and other mood disorders.

Our projects include:

  • VitalSign6
    • Learn about VitalSign6 and Measurement-Based Care (MBC) here.
  • Cloudbreak Initiative
    • Learn more about our work with the Cloudbreak Initiative here.

Risk and Resilience Network

Comprised of local schools, colleges, and youth community organizations with a focus on preventing depression and suicide through education and engagement.

Our projects include:

  • Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM)
    • Learn more about our work with youth in schools here.
  • Blue Steel Program
    • Learn more about our resilience-focused program here.

Texas Youth Depression and Suicide Research Network (TX-YDSRN)

The TX-YDSRN hub is led by Dr. Madhukar Trivedi at UT Southwestern and co-led by Dr. Sarah Wakefield at Texas Tech University Health Science Center. The purpose of this research network is to improve the evaluation of and response to the increasing problem of youth depression and suicide in Texas.

Learn more about the TX-YDSRN program here.



Our Statewide Initiatives



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