Inspiring Careers in Mental Health Internship for High School Students

Inspiring Careers in Mental Health

The University of Texas Southwestern Department of Psychiatry annually hosts a 2-week summer internship for rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students that shows the range of careers available in mental health.

Interactive sessions are led by a variety of mental health clinician-scientists, such as licensed clinical social workers, neuropsychologists, physician assistants, and psychiatrists.

Before sessions, participants complete topical readings from prepared packets with sources ranging from mass media to scientific journal articles.

Leaders demonstrate their daily work and answer participant questions, including such practical, personal queries as, What does it mean to be a social worker? How did you pay for medical school? How did you get on your career path?

Participants learn about the wide breadth of work available in mental health, from case conferences to neuropsychological testing, in settings varying from Parkland Hospital to a transcranial magnetic stimulation laboratory.

Mentoring relationships formed during the internship endure beyond the experience.

Applications are due in February for selection in March, with credentialing processes taking place in April for on-site access to facilities, and sessions occur in June.

Materials needed to apply:

  • A green card, student visa, or documentation of US citizenship
  • Attestation of no felonies
  • Two letters of recommendation from outside one's family or friends
  • Recommendation from one's guidance counselor
  • Personal essay describing motivations for participating in the internship


Inspiring Careers in Mental Health