Education and Training Programs

Ophthalmology Offerings for Medical Students

The Department of Ophthalmology offers the following for-credit electives for fourth-year medical students:

  • Clinical Ophthalmology – Course objectives include gaining knowledge and developing skill in the use of ophthalmic equipment; becoming proficient with the diagnosis and treatment of common ophthalmologic problems and management of eye diseases; and becoming familiar with which eye disorders can be treated in a primary care setting, and which problems require referral to an ophthalmologist. 

  • Exploratory Elective in Ophthalmology - A two-week elective available to all medical students who have begun their clinical rotations, which provides a broad exposure to clinical and surgical activities in ophthalmology as part of an exploratory elective.  For those interested in applying for an ophthalmology residency, this exploratory elective should not take the place of the four-week elective.  

  • Summer Research Projects – Medical students interested in an Ophthalmology summer research project placement should visit UT Southwestern Medical School's centralized Medical Student Research Office. More information about Ophthalmology research projects is available on research faculty members' laboratory websites.

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Ophthalmology Programs for Graduate Students

Department of Ophthalmology basic scientists contribute to the following Graduate Programs:

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Ophthalmology Opportunities for Postdoctoral Scholars

Department of Ophthalmology postdoctoral training opportunities are listed on the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences' section of the website.

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Ophthalmology Residency Program

The Ophthalmology Residency Program is one of the best and is the largest in the U.S. Every year, 36 trainees gain outstanding and rigorous clinical experience as a result of high surgery volume and clinical pathology. We accept nine residents each year. We have an integrated internship program that allows our PGY1s to have a broad clinical experience that is applicable to their future ophthalmologic practice.

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Ophthalmology Assistant Instructor Programs

The Department of Ophthalmology’s assistant instructor programs are among the best in the country and include:

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