• *Support for investigators located in the state of Texas is currently available through the Texas Institute for Brain Injury and Repair (TIBIR) to offset costs associated with TissueCyte imaging studies which advance our understanding of brain injury and repair (whole brain or spinal cord). Please contact Denise Ramirez for project specific pricing.
  • Fees for academic, not-for-profit investigators outside of UTSW are twice the UTSW rate and fees for commercial investigators are three times the UTSW rate per UTSW policy.
  • A training session given by a WBMF staff member is required before use of any microscope or sectioning equipment by an individual client. Contact Denise Ramirez to schedule a training session. Training is not required for slide scanning or sectioning services provided by the facility.
  • Completion of iLab account set up, including assignment of a valid chart of account will be required prior to use of any WBMF equipment or services.
  • Contact Denise Ramirez (below) to inquire about prices for histological or immunohistochemical staining experiments.
    Denise Ramirez, Ph.D.
    Phone: 214-648-0203