Start a 3T or 7T Human Research Project

Step 1

Discuss your 3T research idea with Binu Thomas, Ph.D. (, or your 7T project with Craig Malloy, M.D

Step 2

For information regarding available equipment, rates, approval processes, and resources necessary to complete the project, please review the AIRC Policy and Procedure Guide.

Step 3

Submit your project to the UT Southwestern Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Submit an AIRC Application for Research with Humans for New 3T or 7T Projects to the Protocol Review Committee (this can be done while the IRB approval is pending). Please submit the application to the PRC Administrator, Jeannie Baxter.

Modifications of previously submitted applications may be addressed on the Modification Application Research with Human Subjects at the AIRC. For questions related to the submission process, please contact Jeannie Baxter by email or telephone at 214-645-2726.

Step 4

Assure that all personnel in the research team have applicable training for their work in the AIRC. This should include registering the PI and all research team members requiring access to the AIRC facility for MR Safety Training. Contact Leticia Lopez for more information.

Step 5

Once your application is approved by the PRC, schedule an implementation meeting with Mrs. Baxter prior to enrolling your first research participant.

Topics for the implementation meeting include:           

  • Scheduling a 3T or 7T Scan (You must have a user name and password.)
  • Confirming badge access
  • Required paperwork
  • Procedures during a scan
  • Billing