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Neuro-Oncology Research

The Neuro-oncology section has a robust portfolio of basic science and clinical research. Four faculty researchers have extramural funding. They lead research laboratories within the Peter O'Donnell Jr. Brain Institute and have a national reputation for advancing the understanding of malignant tumors of the CNS. Clinical research activities focus on low- and high-grade gliomas, leptomeningeal disease, novel tumor mutations, as well as health disparities. 

Our physician-scientists have engineered nanoparticles to overcome the blood-brain barrier limitations. Basic science research investigates how specific genetic mutations shape the glioma tumor phenotype allowing for the development of therapies. Research on IDH inhibitors and their efficacy on low-grade IDH mutant gliomas has shaped the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines on treating this disease. Their work in the imaging field has also been instrumental in utilizing non-invasive imaging techniques to identify patients with IDH mutant tumors, through the evaluation of 2HG signaling.

Neuro-Oncology Researchers and Labs

genetic mutations
Genetic Mutations and Resistance
Metabolic Pathways