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Building a Coaching Culture

A coaching culture is one in which an institution invests in its people so they can grow, thrive, and perform to their full potential, improving how faculty interact with each other, the institution, patients, and the community at large.

How can we cultivate a coaching culture among faculty?

  1. Learn coaching skills and expand your skillset with professional coach training through our UT Southwestern Coach Certificate program (UTSW CCP).

  2. Create a coaching network of leaders and professionals across UT Southwestern.

    Our faculty peer coaches who are participating in the UTSW CCP are available to provide confidential and free coaching to connect with each other in a transformative process that engages faculty in an accountable partnership. Our UTSW CCP graduates use their skills to bring coaching to their local spheres of influence.

What can a coaching culture do for UT Southwestern?

Coaching facilitates growth and fulfillment in faculty’s professional and personal lives through the identification of who they want to be, the ownership of challenges, and the creation of meaningful action plans for success. A coaching culture can improve engagement, align individual purpose, mission, and talents with UT Southwestern’s missions, enhance creativity, innovation, collaboration, and retention of our faculty as they shape the future of our institution.

What are my options for coaching at UT Southwestern?

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Coaching for Faculty and Professional Faculty

Partner with a UT Southwestern coach who believes in helping others with the process of self-discovery to pursue personal and professional success. From self-management and growth to developing as a leader of others, coaching can provide a way to successfully meet the challenges and growth opportunities you face professionally.

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Skill Coaching for Faculty

If specific skill coaching is needed, reach out to Organizational Development and Training (link requires VPN) to contract with an external coach (usually funded through the sponsoring department or division).

Questions about coaching for faculty at UT Southwestern? Faculty Wellness.