Electronic Research Grants Organizer (ERGO)


Electronic Research Grants Organizer (ERGO) is a web-based system that allows for research-based activities to be processed in an electronic environment.

Benefits of ERGO

  • Forms are routed electronically through institutional processes and departments, eliminating the need to manually transport forms for approval.
  • All forms are stored in an electronic storage cabinet, reducing paper costs and eliminating the need to purchase and maintain filing cabinets to store paper documents.
  • Users can print forms and/or grants in their institutional paper format.
  • Real-time form tracking lets users view their forms as they move through the approval process.
  • Specialized search function allows users to instantly access and retrieve previously completed forms.
  • A built-in report function lets users both find data and run reports.

Access to ERGO

Access to ERGO requires a UT Southwestern Medical Center ID and password.