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Women & Allies Business Resource Group

We assist in better connecting with key consumer groups, enhancing community engagement, and increasing opportunities for employee development, mentoring, and knowledge-sharing.

Our Impact

The Women & Allies BRG is a platform and community for women at UT Southwestern who are seeking professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Our Vision

The Women & Allies BRG contributes to the commitment of promoting diversity and inclusion and a positive employee experience, while providing opportunities to foster teamwork, compassion, and excellence in academic medicine.

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Our Leadership

Suzanne Farmer

Executive Sponsor

Women & Allies BRG

Sara Levinson Eidelman


Women & Allies BRG

Michelle Crawford


Women & Allies BRG

Lauren Smith


Women & Allies BRG

Our Committee Leads

  • Book Club

    Committee Chair: Michelle Crawford

    Mission: In support of the mission of UT Southwestern and the Women & Allies BRG, the Book Club will offer an opportunity to engage and connect with colleagues while participating in lively book discussions.

    Vision: By hosting and participating in literature-based discussions, the Book Club aims to inspire and foster relationships among colleagues.

  • BRG Mentorship Program

    Committee Chairs: Jerra Brandon and Ashley Woods

    Mission: The mission of the Mentorship subcommittee of Women & Allies BRG is to empower women and allies to embody leadership roles and embrace their full potential as an employee through peer coaching and guidance.

    Vision: Mentoring relationships assist women and allies and effectively support colleagues’ academic, social and emotional growth.

    Values: The Mentorship subcommittee defines mentorship as “establishing professional connections with peers to create a personal network to discuss career trajectory and paths within our institution.” We rely on collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork. We work as partners, colleagues, and team members of research and clinical services to help women achieve their best possible outcomes.

  • Communications & Membership

    Committee Chairs: Allyson Cook 

    Mission: To strengthen our community while advancing the culture of inclusion. The membership aspect of this committee serves to build and strengthen the membership of the Women’s BRG, communicate member benefits, and facilitate development of professional relationships.

    Vision: Continuous growth and sustainment of a network of leaders and future leaders who will champion the interests of women at UTSW.

  • Outreach

    Committee Chairs: Courtney Borchert and Ashley Rivera

    Mission: To provide opportunities for members of the Women and Allies BRG to connect with and support each other.

    Vision: To create opportunities that will help facilitate new connections among the UTSW community. These new connections can lead to professional development, greater job success, and increased job satisfaction.

    Values: Supports personal and professional growth while fostering employee engagement. All women and allies are welcomed no matter their job classification.

  • Speakers & Programming

    Committee Chairs: Cheryl Adams, Mia Murphy, & Kristauna Davis

    Mission: To provide opportunities for employee development through both a speaker's series and innovative programming. Programming will be influenced by women's contributions within the UTSW community as well as trending topics (i.e., what we are focusing on now).

    Vision: Serves to honor the achievements of women within society, raise awareness regarding gender inequalities, and empower women to lead unapologetically. We are committed to promoting a culture of care, diversity, and inclusion through intersectional education, professional development opportunities, and community engagement.

  • TA Recruitment Partnership

    Committee Chairs: Ramona Jackson and Ryan Wooten

  • Women in Art

    Committee Chair: Nelly "Estefanie" Garduno

    Mission: Dedicated to empowering women to use art as a tool in our UTSW community.

    Vision: By making art accessible to everyone, we will provide inspiration for creative thinking and resources to develop resilience.

    Values: In Women in Art, our goal is to use art as a tool to promote a deeper knowledge of self- and creative thinking as well as improving communication skills. With that in mind, we have created the ARTFUL values to lead our actions:

    • Accessible
      We will be inclusive.
    • Respect
      We will treat everybody equally and fairly.
    • Teamwork
      We will work together with other talented women in our UTSW community to deliver the best outcomes.
    • Motivation
      Our seminars will provide joy and motivation.
    • Understanding
      We will appreciate how others engage with art.
    • Leadership
      We will promote self-expression through art.

Empowered Women Empower Women