Business Resource Groups

A fundamental human need, we are hardwired to belong. When individuals do not feel as though they belong, it directly affects our ability to advance the mission of UT Southwestern. To foster a culture of belonging, the Division of Diversity and Inclusion oversees various initiatives. One of these initiatives includes UT Southwestern’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs).

UT Southwestern is home to multiple Business Resource Groups (BRGs), also known as employee resource groups or affinity groups. BRGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve as a resource for members and the organization by advancing diversity, inclusion, and employee engagement. UT Southwestern’s BRGs host events that promote networking, mentor opportunities, and career development for all members. BRGs are open to all UT Southwestern employees, regardless of race, gender, or other status.


To embrace a diverse culture of care, trust, integrity, and inclusion.


To support UT Southwestern’s mission by creating a positive and inclusive environment, facilitating personal growth, institutional advancement, health, and wellness.

Join a BRG

The only requirement to be a member of any of our BRGs is to be a UT Southwestern employee. To become a member or for more information, email the BRG directly using the following links.



Upcoming Events


Why Join? — Open to Anyone!

Participation in BRGs is open to anyone. You need not identify with the affinity to join the group. As an example, participation with the LGBT & Allies group is open to straight allies – those outside the LGBT community, who do not identify as LGBT but wish to support their LGBT colleagues and learn more about LGBT issues. To join a group, simply send an email to the group expressing your interest. Feel free to join more than one!

What to Expect as a Member? — Opportunity & Access

  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with people from different identity groups
  • Access to career growth and professional development initiatives including mentorship
  • Access to senior leaders who are actively involved with BRGs
  • Voluntary participation in community service and outreach projects
  • Opportunities to be a part of high visibility efforts addressing institutional needs
  • A chance to serve in a leadership capacity, either spearheading a subcommittee or as a future BRG chair or co-chair

Are you interested in starting a BRG?

If you are interested in starting a Business Resource Group that you do not see listed above, please email the Division of Diversity and Inclusion for more information.