Rodent Behavior Core Facility


The UTSW Rodent Behavior Core can assist investigators in all aspects of rodent behavioral testing including design and execution, as well as data analysis and interpretation.

The core facility is equipped to perform a broad battery of behavioral tests to thoroughly phenotype overall motor and sensory function of rats and mice as well as phenotype specific behaviors of interest to the investigators.


The staff of the Rodent Behavior Core will perform all experiments and data analysis at a standard rate of $100/hour. The exact cost of each experiment will vary according to the number of animals, the type of behavior being assessed and the duration of the experiment. Discounts may apply if a battery of tests is requested or an extensive or ongoing project is undertaken. Please contact the Core Director for an estimate of the charges for your particular experiment.

In addition, please note that the Core does not charge per diem rates for housing and care of laboratory animals. These rates will be charged independently by the ARC. The per diem rate for animals in NC4 is currently $0.64/cage/day for mice and $1.10/cage/day for rats.

The experimental procedures will be covered by the Behavior Core’s animal protocol so no modifications need to be made to a lab’s existing animal protocol.

Behavior Tests Available

What you want to testAvailable Tests
Motor Function Locomotor Activity *
Running Wheels
Balance Beam
Wire Hanging
Digigait(Gait Analysis)
Jumping Test
Anxiety-Related Behaviors

Open Field Activity *
Elevated Plus Maze *
Light/Dark Preference
Marble Burying Test
Novelty Suppression of Feeding

Depression-Related Behaviors

Forced Swim Test (Porsolt) *
Tail Suspension Test
Sucrose Preference Test *
Learned Helplessness
Social Defeat

Addiction/Reward-Related Behaviors

Conditioned Place Preference * (for drug or food)
Locomotor Sensitization *
Progressive Ratio Testing for Food

Learning and Memory

Morris Water Maze Task *
Fear Conditioning *
Passive Avoidance Test
Object Recognition Test *

Social Interaction

Juvenile Interaction
SI w/ Caged Adult
3-choice Interaction

Schizophrenia-Related Behaviors

Haldol Induced Catalepsy
Pre-Pulse Inhibition/Startle


Foot-shock Sensitivity
Hot Plate Sensitivity

* Available for both rats and mice