The Neuro-Models Facility’s objective is to facilitate scientific research into nervous system function and to enhance the development and testing of novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of nervous system disorders. The NMF seeks to provide resource capacity that would otherwise be unavailable or impractical in an individual laboratory.

The pricing and credit program has changed for FY 2016. Please contact the core director for details.

Areas of Specialization

  • Surgical approaches to model production and assessment
  • Behavior testing of sensorimotor functions
  • In vivo electrophysiological recording (EEG, EMG, ERP)

Procedures are optimized for rodents (mice and rats). New and/or modified procedures can be developed based on client interests.

The core has two locations on the UT Southwestern's North campus (NC and NL buildings). These locations total approximately 2000 sq. ft. of procedure and housing space and include three surgical stations, two behavior testing rooms, and a dedicated electrophysiological recording room.

Please contact us to discuss specific projects, pricing, and inclusion of core services in grant proposals.