Types of Gifts

Gifts of Cash and Pledges
Cash gifts to UT Southwestern Medical Center are completely tax deductible, up to 50 percent of adjusted annual gross income. If the deduction exceeds that limit, the remaining deduction can be itemized for an additional five years. You may also make a pledge for gifts of $5,000 or greater, donated over a period of up to 5 years.

Matching Gifts
Many companies offer matching gift programs – which can double or triple the amount of your contribution – to encourage employees and their families to give to charitable organizations. Please ask your company's human resources department about the availability of matching gifts.

Gifts of Stocks and Bonds
Gifts or pledges made with appreciated securities also benefit donors, as the full market value of the gift can be deducted if the securities were owned for more than 12 months. Securities used in this manner avoid capital gains taxes, and the gift is entirely deductible for federal tax purposes for up to 30 percent of the year’s adjusted gross income.

Noncash Gifts
You may also choose to make a noncash gift – including real estate, retirement plans, life insurance, personal property, or publicly traded securities – to benefit UT Southwestern.