Overview of Giving

Nick and Erin Borzellino with their son, Giorgio
When their son Giorgio was born, heightened parental instincts immediately kicked in for Erin and Nick Borzellino. They sensed their son’s development was not normal as he began missing significant childhood milestones. Doctors first suspected autism, but then a neurologist correctly diagnosed neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) when Giorgio was 5 years old. To fight the disease, the Borzellino family established The Giorgio Foundation, which directly funds researchers focused on NF1. Read the story.

Giving to UT Southwestern Medical Center

Ranked among the top academic medical centers in the world, UT Southwestern Medical Center is a premier educational, clinical, and research institution with a cutting-edge approach to medicine.

Our physicians and researchers are seamlessly integrating breakthroughs in basic science, advances in comprehensive patient care, and the development of innovative education and prevention programs to improve health care in North Texas and around the world.

As a nonprofit organization, UT Southwestern relies heavily on the generosity of its supporters to remain at the forefront of medical care and scientific discovery.

Tribute Giving

Any gift to UT Southwestern can be made in memory of a family member, colleague, or friend, or in honor of an important person in your life. Patients, family, and friends may choose to honor a physician or clinical team for the excellent care they received at UT Southwestern.