Allelic Discrimination Assays

Allelic Discrimination (AD) assay is a multiplexed, end-point assay that detects variants of a single nucleic acid sequence. The presence of two primer/probe pairs in each reaction allows genotyping of the two possible variants at the single-nucleic polymorphism (SNP) site in a target template sequence.

For each sample in an AD assay, a unique pair of fluorescent dye detectors is used. One fluorescent dye detector is a perfect match to the wild type (allele 1) and the other fluorescent dye detector is a perfect match to the mutation (allele 2).

The Allelic Discrimination assay classifies unknown samples as Homozygotes or Heterozygotes .

You can order your specific probes from Life Technologies® by visiting their Real-Time PCR Assays product page.

Generally we will need 10ul of 10-20ng/ul DNA in Strip-Ease tubes along with the probes you would like to use. We ask that all new clients either call or email Ross Wilson to discuss your project’s details.

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