3rd Annual Temporal Bone Dissection Course

Desks with miccroscopes

Guest Speakers:

Michael Gluth, M.D.
University of Chicago

John Dornhoffer. M.D.
University of Arkansas Health Sciences

Manuela Fina, M.D.
University of Minnesota

Course Description

The UT Southwestern Medical Center Resident Temporal Bone Course provides a two-day intensive course on otologic surgery for senior residents in the southern United States. The first day will focus on endoscopic ear surgery with lectures from Dr. Brandon Isaacson (UT Southwestern) and Dr. Manuela Fina (University of Minnesota). The second day will focus on traditional microscopic ear surgery with lectures from Dr. John Dornhoffer (Chairman at University of Arkansas Medical Center), Dr. Michael Gluth (University of Chicago), Dr. Jacob Hunter (UT Southwestern), and Dr. Walter Kutz (UT Southwestern). Both days will include extensive time in the UT Southwestern Temporal Bone Lab for hands-on practice and instruction. 


This course serves as a surgical and anatomical refresher to review endoscopic middle ear anatomy and best practices in otologic surgery.

Targeted Audience

The course is designed for otolaryngology residents and practicing otolaryngologists and neurotologists.

Course Schedule