Immunology Overview

The Department of Immunology at UT Southwestern Medical Center was founded in 1998 with six faculty members and a relatively small research facility. Today, we’ve grown to include:

  • More than two dozen primary and secondary faculty members.
  • Nearly 26,000 square feet of modern research space located in the Nancy B. and Jake L. Hamon Biomedical Research Building on UT Southwestern’s North Campus.

Our Department is part of the Division of Basic Science of UT Southwestern’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

At its core, our mission is two-fold: advance knowledge and understanding of disorders of the immune system, and train future generations of scientists. These dual functions make the Department of Immunology a key contributor in UT Southwestern’s promise of delivering the future of medicine, today.

Research Interests

Our primary research interests involve the characterization of animal models of human diseases and the delineation of molecular mechanisms mediating normal and abnormal immune functions. Learn more about some of the research currently underway in the Department of Immunology.

The Department’s research programs are funded by a combination of endowments and external grant support.

Visit the labs of our faculty members to see their research.

Active in Graduate Training

The Department of Immunology trains graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and has new positions and opportunities available each year. Find out more about our broad-based program of graduate training in Immunology.