Women’s Imaging Fellowship

One one-year fellowship a year is offered in Women's Imaging. The fellowship is based at Parkland Memorial Hospital with additional rotations scheduled at the Meadows Diagnostic Imaging Center.


Diane Twickler, M.D.
Dr. Fred Bonte Professorship in Radiology
Fellowship Director

Women's Imaging Fellowship Training/Responsibilities

Parkland Memorial Hospital delivers more than 12,000 babies per year, and UT Southwestern Medical Center has the largest obstetrics/gynecology residency program in the United States, resulting in an extensive exposure to imaging of women’s health issues.

Fellows are exposed to a wide range of imaging modalities with emphasis on obstetric, gynecologic, and breast imaging. Procedures performed include:

  • Obstetrical and gynecologic ultrasound
  • Fetal MR Imaging
  • Hysterosalpingograms (including sonohysterograms)
  • Interventional biopsies and drainages with ultrasound
  • Breast MR Imaging
  • Breast biopsies using ultrasound, stereotactic, and mammotone techniques

The fellowship is structured so that:

  • One to two days per week are spent in Breast Imaging.
  • Two to three days per week are spent in Obstetrical and Gynecological Ultrasound and MR.

The fellow is responsible for planning, monitoring, and interpreting examinations. Responsibilities also include assisting in resident education and training.


Radiology resident teaching conferences are held twice daily throughout the year and include both didactic lectures and case-based presentations. Fellows are expected to attend and participate in the pertinent conferences.

Radiology Grand Rounds are held monthly with prestigious visiting and local professors, offering the opportunity to meet and learn from leading national authorities on a wide variety of topics.

Informative multidisciplinary clinical conferences in combination with medicine, surgery, pathology, and the various clinical subspecialties are available.


Intellectual vibrancy and technological innovation are core values of the Department. Some time will be reserved for pursuit of academic and research projects, which are plentiful.

Call Duty for Women's Imaging Fellows

Please refer to the fellowship director or program coordinator for details on any call responsibilities.