Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship

Three one-year fellowships are offered each year in Musculoskeletal Radiology.

The Fellowship encompasses primary clinical responsibilities at Parkland Memorial Hospital, UT Southwestern University Hospitals, and their clinical outpatient facilities. Fellows receive training in a collegial environment with the goal of creating independent subspecialty consultants who will be leaders in the field.


Daniel Moore, M.D.

Daniel Moore, M.D.

  • Associate Professor
Hythem Omar, M.D.

Hythem Omar, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
Parham Pezeshk, M.D.

Parham Pezeshk, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
Gina Sims, M.D.

Gina Sims, M.D.

  • Clinical Associate Professor
Lulu Tenorio, M.D.

Lulu Tenorio, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor


The Division of Musculoskeletal of the Department of Radiology is staffed by fellowship-trained faculty who are committed to house staff education and training. Fellows are a critical component to the clinical aspect of MSK Radiology, participating in patient care and facilitating the performance, interpretation, and reporting of imaging studies as well as the timely performance of MSK interventional procedures.

Fellows are exposed to a diverse patient population and wide range of musculoskeletal disease processes in both hospital and outpatient environments. Our referral base includes orthopaedic surgery, spine, rheumatology, PM&R, plastic surgery, family/internal medicine, neurology, and neurosurgery. A wide breadth of diagnostic services (radiography, musculoskeletal US, CT, MRI, MR arthrography, sarcoma imaging, and MR neurography) is supplemented by an active MSK interventional service (diagnostic arthrography, joint injections and aspirations, perineural and muscle botox injections, CT- and ultrasound-guided interventions, and bone and soft tissue biopsies). Structured reporting templates are used for cross-sectional imaging with uniformity in reporting styles and controlled terminology.

Fellows’ responsibilities also include assisting in resident and medical student education. With a goal toward academic enrichment, the Fellowship focuses on achieving a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles of MSK MRI, US and CT imaging protocol optimization and interventions as applied to sports medicine, cartilage imaging, sarcoma imaging, rheumatology imaging, CT and MR arthrography, and MR neurography.

Close working relationship with the dedicated MR scientists in the Department of Radiology and Advanced Imaging Research Center (AIRC) further enhance this experience.

Fellows are also trained in research methodology, manuscript preparation, and other activities essential to both an academic career and objective interpretation of current literature.

Fellows receive four weeks of elective time to pursue their academic interests in other subspecialty sections of the department.


Facilities encompass an array of latest CT scanners, including Toshiba 320 slice scanner and spectral CT scanner, and multiple whole-body clinical MRI systems (Philips, GE, and Siemens) within Parkland Memorial Hospital and University Hospital Imaging Services. In addition, the AIRC is equipped with two 3T and one 7T whole-body magnets dedicated entirely to research.

Other facilities within the institution include several animal MRI scanners, HIFU system, and three hyperpolarizers. Fellows have easy access to state-of-the-art MR scanners to directly supervise the examinations using remote monitoring and tailor pulse sequences at the scanner console.


Radiology resident teaching conferences are held twice daily throughout the year and fellows are welcome to attend these conferences, as the service duties allow. MSK radiology-specific conferences are held at noon every week. Fellows are expected to prepare and present at least two conferences for the diagnostic radiology residents during their fellowship. Other specific and multidisciplinary conferences include:

  • MSK case conference and “how to fill structured reporting template” conferences held on a rotating basis in the MSK radiology division
  • Sports conference once a month
  • Ortho grand rounds once a week
  • Foot-Radiology conference once a month
  • Hand conference once a week
  • Rheumatology conference once a month
  • Journal club once a month
  • Sarcoma conference once a week
  • Radiology Grand Rounds once a month with prestigious visiting and local professors, offering the opportunity to meet and learn from leading national authorities on a wide variety of topics


MSK Radiology research interests are in line with the core values of the Department of Radiology, namely intellectual vibrancy and technological innovation. The fellows are encouraged to participate in ongoing research projects or initiate new projects under supervision of the MSK faculty. Ancillary services such as research MRI technologists, research physician assistants, nurses, as well as support for IRB submissions, illustrations, editorial and content development, and biostatistics are available through the Department of Radiology.

Fellows are expected to have completed one scientific manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed indexed journal by the end of the year.

Call Duty

Once in three weeks, fellows take a week of home call in support of in-house resident call at Parkland and UT hospitals, including weekend call responsibility. MSK radiology faculty is available as backup for the on-call fellows.

International Medical Graduates

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