Biophysics News and Events

August 2015

Jan Erzberger

New Primary Faculty Member

The Department welcomes new primary faculty member Jan Erzberger!

Kendra Frederick

New Primary Faculty Member

The Department welcomes new primary faculty member Kendra Frederick!

Milo Lin

New Secondary Faculty Member

The Department welcomes new secondary faculty member Milo Lin!

July 2015

New Secondary Faculty Member

The Department welcomes new secondary faculty member Daniela Nicastro!

June 2015

Alex Piala

Alexander Piala

Postdoctoral fellow Alexander Piala successfully defended his thesis!

The Department welcomes spring rotation students:

Yuan Xue – Rosen Lab

May 2015

Soyeon Kim

Soyeon Kim

Postdoctoral fellow Soyeon Kim successfully defended her thesis!

Sudeep Banjade

Sudeep Banjade

Postdoctoral fellow Sudeep Banjade successfully defended his thesis!

April 2015

The Biophysics Department welcomes the following employees!

Henne Lab

The Mike Henne Lab has two new postdocs.

Hanaa Hariri

Hanaa Hariri

Hanaa was previously at Florida State University, Tallahassee

Yang (Lydia) Liu

Yang (Lydia) Liu

Lydia came to UTSW from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Reynolds Lab

Mohammed Akbar

Mohammed Akbar

Akbar has joined the lab after 10 years of service in UT Southwestern’s Department of Neuroscience.

X. Zhang Lab

Guijun Shang

Guijun Shang

Postdoc Shang came to the lab from Shandong University in China

The Department has a new graduate student too!

Hibbs Lab

Anat Gharpure

Anat Gharpure

Anat previously studied at Brown University.

February 2015

The Department welcomes spring rotation students:

The Department welcomes Green Fellows:

January 2015

Felipe Andres-Piedra

Graduate student Felipe Andres-Piedra successfully defended his thesis!

November 2014

The Biophysics and Biochemistry Departments hosted the 2014 interdepartmental retreat on Nov 7–9 this year.

(l–r) Jose Rizo-Rey (UT Southwestern, hosting), Ryan Henrici (Penn State University), Kun Leng (Columbia University), and Abby Knecht (Brandeis University)

The Biophysics department sponsored three finalists for the Sara and Frank McKnight Undergraduate Prize in Biophysics.

Congratulations to the winners!

Competition was tough this year with many qualified applicants. It is very encouraging to see such potential from the next generation of scientists!

Alpay Seven

Postdoctoral fellow Alpay Seven successfully defended his thesis!

Kyle Brewer

Postdoctoral fellow Kyle Brewer successfully defended his thesis!

October 2014

Farewell Da Jia

Postdoctoral fellow Da Jia (Rosen lab) is leaving us for his new job as an Assistant Professor at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. Congratulations, Da! 

Farewell Arati Ramesh

Postdoctoral fellow Arati Ramesh (Gardner/Winkler labs) is leaving us for her new job as a Reader (equivalent of tenure track Assistant Professor) at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) in Bangalore, India. Congratulations, Arati! 

September 2014

New Secondary Faculty Member 

The Department welcome new secondary faculty member Mike Henne. Read about Mike and his research here on the Henne Lab website.

Farewell Yuxiao Wang

Graduate student Yuxiao Wang (X. Zhang Lab) is off to his postdoc with Ron Vale at UC San Francisco. Yuxiao’s work in Ron’s lab will be funded by a Jane Coffin Childs fellowship. We will miss you Yuxiao! Best of luck in your future endeavors.

The Department welcomes fall rotation students:

August 2014

A bumper crop! Nine students joined the Department (and the Molecular Biophysics Graduate Program) this year: 

Bradley Quade
UMass Amherst
Joined the Rizo-Rey Lab
Eric Prinslow
Austin College
Joined the Rizo-Rey Lab
Anna Lee
UC Berkley
Joined the Nam Lab
Beth Geyer
Canisius College
Joined the Rice Lab
Alex Partin
UT Dallas
Joined the Nam Lab
Tony Vega
St. Mary's University
Joined the Jaqaman Lab
Rashmi Voleti
Indian Institute of Technology
Joined the Rizo-Rey Lab
Richard Walsh
University of Georgia
Joined the Hibbs Lab
Jing Zhang
Wuhan University
Joined the Grishin Lab

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship

Postdoctoral fellow Jon Ditlev (Rosen Lab) was awarded an NIH postdoctoral fellowship. Congratulations, Jon! 

July 2014

The Department welcomes undergraduate SURF students and new graduate and MSTP students doing summer rotations. 

Undergrads in the Department:

Graduate students doing summer rotations:

MSTP students doing summer rotations:

April 2014

First-year Molecular Biophysics graduate student Beth Geyer (Rice lab) was awarded an NSF predoctoral fellowship. Two other first-year Molecular Biophysics students received honorable mention. Congratulations, all!

Beth Geyer
Awarded NSF Predoctoral Fellowship
Anna Lee
Honorable Mention 
Eric Prinslow
Honorable Mention 

January 2014

Yunsun Nam

The Department welcomes new secondary faculty member Kim Reynolds. Read about Kim and her research on the Reynolds Lab website.

November 2013

Another year, another joint departmental retreat with the Biochemistry Department! The Biophysics Department hosted the three finalists for the Sara and Frank McKnight Undergraduate Prize in Biophysics. Congrats to all and best wishes for the future. It is always a pleasure to meet such talented young scientists.

Three finalists (l-r); Allyson Rice (UT Austin), Thomas Alderson (U. Wisconsin), Michael Clark (Northwestern U.), and Kevin Gardner (UT Southwestern, host).