Biophysics Seminars

The Department of Biophysics hosts a vibrant seminar series, where senior leaders and rising stars discuss their latest work and spend a day meeting with faculty, postdocs, and students. Seminars are held on the second Thursday of each month. The sessions alternate with the Molecular Biophysics Discussion group (hosted by the Molecular Biophysics Graduate Program) and the Department of Biochemistry seminars.

Lectures are held at noon in ND13.218 unless otherwise noted.

DateSpeaker and Seminar Title Host

James Bowie, Ph.D. – Professor, University of California-Los Angeles, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

“Investigating Membrane Protein Folding.”

Dan Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

Sin Urban, Ph.D. – Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics

Michael Rosen, Ph.D.

Wah Chiu, Ph.D. – Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Molecular and Cellular Biology

Zbyszek Otwinowski, Ph.D.

Greg Voth, Ph.D. – Professor, University of Chicago, Department of Chemistry

Nick Grishin, Ph.D.

No seminar


No seminar


Jonathon Howard, Ph.D. – Professor, Yale University, Department of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry

Luke Rice, Ph.D.

John Ladbury, Ph.D. Professor, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Chad Brautigam, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Komives, Ph.D. – Professor, University of California-San Diego, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Elizabeth Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Alex Mogilner, Ph.D. – Professor, University of California-Davis, Department of Mathematics

Khuloud Jaqaman, Ph.D.