Artist: Shelly Xie About the Artist

Shelly Xie is a medical student in the Class of 2017. She created this sand animation piece to shine a light on the struggles of those who battle with schistosomiasis on a daily basis. The goal is to expand public knowledge of the disease and encourage people to take action [...]

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Woman in Pose

Artist: Nate Milburn Woman in Pose About the Artist

Nate Milburn, M.D./M.B.A. class of 2017, had never taken an organized art class his entire life until Dr. Sumeet Teotia's "Classical Figure Drawing,” where he produced this piece. After realizing that this work would likely be the pinnacle of his art career, he retired from all artist [...]

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Shadow Play

She’s sitting on the couch. Fraying the tissue in her hands as she folds and refolds it, she scrunches up her nose so she won’t cry for the fifth consecutive session.

“I don’t like to think of myself as a victim,” she says defiantly.

But she’s instantly in that room, remembering the flowering purple that claimed [...]

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Spinal Muscular Atrophy

The silent heirloom fest’ring in the boughsBy lots wrought pestilence upon the leafAnd though, forbearing since, must here endowDisease in birth which rails and spoils with grief.What voice coerced the spine to bend aside,The legs to sleep in dreams and not obey?Yet you, sweet child, are not so warped as I,Who foiled, not suff’ring, [...]

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The sirens, the sirens,
They came early today.
The sirens, the sirens,
Signal help is on its way.
The sirens, the sirens,
Hint humanity still has hope.
The sirens, the sirens,
Puts my medical study into scope.


Nathalie White grew up in Sunnyvale, TX, and graduated from Dallas Baptist University. The sirens from an ambulance weigh heavy on her heart when she [...]

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Internal Medicine Reflections

For one month this spring, I rotated through Dermatology. Perhaps because the specialty is visible and tactile in such an intimate way, the stark reality of what we sometimes do to our patients – not just for our patients – became very apparent to me.

One memory that has stayed with me involved an elderly [...]

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Third Year Reflections

Internal Medicine

TIA observation. Nursing home waiting list after PEG tube placement. ACS rule out.

Within my first days on the VA wards I quickly learned that these are not considered “sexy” admissions. In fact, they are pretty run-of-the-mill. Maybe even – boring? As a newly-minted third year student I still had an eager excitement for [...]

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