Life Struggles

Artist: Irene Lazarus

The piece was inspired by Surrealism. The Surrealist artists use the canvas as a medium to express their abstract ideas or thoughts in a figurative way. There is much symbolism in the juxtaposition that the painters present. They use the dreamlike unconsciousness to bring their ideas/feeling to the conscious awareness of the viewer. [...]

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Sandra’s Story: Living with HIV

Author's note: Before I began medical school, I had the privilege of spending three months in the Dominican Republic working at a clinic that cared for patients living with HIV. During my time there I met many incredible people whose lives are testimonies not only to the power of modern medicine, but also to [...]

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One a.m.

Note: Details of this case have been altered to protect patient identities.

It is 1 a.m. A man lies motionless on the bed. A police officer shifts his weight. A mother sobs uncontrollably. A nurse steps back, sidestepping the blood. A doctor calls out the time.

It is 1 a.m. Two children become fatherless. A bullet [...]

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