Tetralogy of Fallot

Artist: John Matt Hancock

I wanted to create an abstract expressionist representation of a cardiac pathology that could only be recognized by the medically trained eye.

Tetralogy of Fallot

About the Artist: John Matt Hancock

John Matt is a second-year medical student at UT [...]

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Paper Symphony

Author:Jennifer Harris 

Medicine is tuned so often to the busyness of sights and smells—to the shocking red of blood or perhaps the stench of gingivitis and decay. Somehow it is the sounds that seem to take more effort and stillness to hear. With this poem, I tried to capture the isolation, the universality, the pain, [...]

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Son of the Soil

Author:Anoop Sheshadri

Jonah was a farmer and a farmer’s son and all the big-city swindlers and small-time hucksters couldn’t change that. He was born at the homestead and delivered by Father’s own big hands, because after all a boy was smaller than colt or calf and plenty of those came into the world by that [...]

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Dear Lucy

Author: Nicky Chopra

The first experience of death and dissection in the anatomy lab is a powerful one for any medical student. This letter was written retrospectively to a woman who chose to donate her body for this most insightful interaction.

When we first met you I had so many questions about your life. What did [...]

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Bright Stars, Old bones

Author: Anoop Sheshadri

The story was originally for an ACP contest to write a story of 1,000 words or fewer with the theme “compassion in medicine.” At the time I’d been reading about the history of medicine and the dual role played in many cultures of the physician as both doctor and shaman. I’d also [...]

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