News and Announcements

May 2013: Four new students joined the Molecular Biophysics Program. Claudio Morales joined Ryan Hibbs’ lab, Ting-Sung Hsieh joined Jen Liou’s lab, Shreoshi Majumdar joined Luke Rice’s lab, and Joyce Fung joined Yuh Min Chook’s lab.

May 2013: Yuxiao Wang, a student in the Molecular Biophysics Program, won the Nominata Award in recognition of his outstanding work in Xuewu Zhang’s lab. Congratulations, Yuxiao!

January 2013: New faculty member Khuloud Jaqaman joins UT Southwestern and the Molecular Biophysics Program. Khuloud is in the Biophysics Department. Her lab develops integrative approaches combining single-molecule and super-resolution imaging, computational image analysis, and mathematical modeling to investigate the contribution of cell-surface receptor organization and interactions to cell signaling.

December 2012: New faculty member Yunsun Nam joins UT Southwestern and the Molecular Biophysics Program. Yunsun is in the Biophysics and Obstetrics & Gynecology departments. Her lab is interested in the biochemical and structural mechanisms in RNA-mediated gene regulation pathways important in development and cancer. They are currently focused on investigating how microRNAs are processed and regulated.

September 2012: New faculty member Ryan Hibbs joins UT Southwestern and the Molecular Biophysics Program. Ryan is in the Neuroscience and Biophysics departments. His lab studies the structural mechanisms underlying neurotransmitter receptor function. They are particularly interested in defining principles of allosteric activation and modulation, ion selectivity and ligand recognition.

July 2012: Qian Cong in Nick Grishin’s lab is awarded a HHMI predoctoral fellowship. Congratulations, Qian!

May 2012: Jake Zahm in Mike Rosen’s lab is named to the Molecular Biophysics training grant

April 2012: Lindsay Clark in Dan Rosenbaum’s lab is awarded an NSF predoctoral fellowship. Way to go, Lindsay!