News and Announcements

May 2015: The 24th annual Molecular Biophysics Research Symposium is held on May 15 at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.  A great day with lots of wonderful and interesting talks and poster presentations! 

The Best Poster Presentation winners were Lindsay Clark (student, Rosenbaum Lab) and Rustam Ali (postdoc, Rosen Lab)- tied for first place, and Qian Cong (student, Grishin Lab) was awarded second place.  For Best Talk, Joyce Fung (student, Chook Lab) won first place, and Claudio Morales-Perez (student, Hibbs Lab) and Ganesh Kadamur (Ross Lab) tied for second place.  Great job, everyone!

Six new students join the Molecular Biophysics Program:  Katelyn Doxtader (Yunsun Nam Lab); Anant Gharpure (Ryan Hibbs Lab); Allyson Rice and Wenmin Xing (Michael Rosen Lab); Andrew Schober (Kimberly Reynolds Lab); Yusuf Tamer (Erdal Toprak Lab.)  A hearty welcome to our new students!

New faculty member, Mike Henne, joins the Molecular Biophysics Program. Mike is in the Cell Biology and Biophysics departments. He studies membrane sculpting proteins, and has previously worked on BAR domain-containing proteins in clathrin mediated endocytosis, as well as the ESCRT pathway in endosomal maturation. His lab is currently interested in how organelles communicate and re-shape each other at so-called inter-organelle Membrane Contact Sites. He is dissecting the molecular mechanisms governing Membrane Contact Site dynamics, and the roles of these sites in human health and disease.

April 2015: Allyson Rice (Michael Rosen Lab) is awarded a National Science Foundation predoctoral fellowship. Congratulations, Allyson!

November 2014: Anna Lee (Ryan Potts Lab) is selected for the Molecular Biophysics Training Grant. Great work, Anna!

New faculty member, Erdal Toprak, joins UT Southwestern and the Molecular Biophysics Graduate Program. Erdal holds a primary position in the Green Center for Systems Biology as an assistant professor and has a secondary appointment in Pharmacology. He is named as the Southwestern Medical Foundation Scholar in Biomedical Research. His lab studies the evolution of antibiotic resistance using systems biology methodologies and searches for novel antibiotic therapies that can slow down spread of resistance and increase efficacy of existing antibiotic drugs.

Michael Reese, new faculty member in Pharmacology, also joins the Molecular Biophysics Program. His lab studies the molecular outcomes of the evolutionary competition between pathogens and their hosts. In particular, they are interested in defining how host-pathogen competition can drive individual molecules' evolutionary trajectories, as well as in determining how pathogen-driven differences in host cellular signaling can drastically alter disease outcome.

September 2014: Ho Yee Joyce Fung is awarded the Croucher Foundation’s Croucher Scholarship for Doctoral Study. We are so proud of you, Joyce!

Eric Prinslow in Jose Rizo-Rey’s lab is awarded a slot on the Molecular Biophysics Training Grant.  Way to go, Eric!

June 2014: New faculty member, Kimberly Reynolds, joins the Molecular Biophysics Program. Kimberly is in the Green Center for Systems Biology and the Department of Biophysics. Her lab uses analysis of protein sequences and genomic data to define statistical rules  for the function of cellular systems. These models are then tested in the lab through forward evolution experiments and the design of new synthetic systems. The end goal is a quantitative, but simplified, model for predicting and rationally manipulating the behavior of cellular systems.

May 2014: Nine new students join the Molecular Biophysics Program: Elisabeth Geyer (Luke Rice’s lab); Alex Partin (Yunsun Nam’s lab); Eric Prinslow, Bradley Quade and Rashmi Voleti (Jose Rizo-Rey’s lab); Anthony Vega (Khuloud Jaqaman’s lab); Richard Walsh (Ryan Hibbs’ lab); and Jing Zhang (Nick Grishin’s lab).  We look forward to your exciting contributions!

April 2014: Elisabeth Geyer (Luke Rice’s lab) is awarded a National Science Foundation predoctoral fellowship. Fantastic job, Beth!