UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100370
Summary: Personnel Information

I have recently left UT Southwestern and need to get copies of the following documents from my employment file: • Performance reviews for each year I was employed at UT Southwestern along with the comments I submitted for each review;  • Any FMLA documents I submitted; and  • The application for accommodations for my disability (with attachments, i.e. form from my doctor) along with the letter from the Office of Equal Opportunity and Minority Affairs stating that they would try to accommodate me.  Also, I was told that Betsy Lewis of the Office of Development was going to file a grievance against me.  I was never shown this document, so I don't know if it exists.  I don't know if Betsy can file it at this point since I've already left UT Southwestern. If she has already filed a grievance or files one in the future, I would like a copy of it for my records.

Category: Personnel information
Request Date: 11/04/2013