UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100364
Summary: Personnel Information

I currently have an Intent to Terminate letter and I would like to be able to look back at certain records to verify the accuracy of the facts as well as provide supporting evidence to disprove the allegations against me. The emails that I'm requesting if at all possible need to involve the emails originated in my Outlook but also the emails sent back and forth between Dorothee Staber and Vicky Hernandez. My justification for this is to prove that there was not a proper line of communication in proving certain points in my Letter of Intent to Terminate.  As you are able, please pull emails from Vicky Hernandez, Beth Stuyck, Dorothee Staber, Kim Deimling, and Kristen Lerner with anything to do with the merit tool process, annual reviews, or Patricia Bleigh. Also from Wendy (can't remember her last name as I don't have access to the Global Address Book), manager of Occupational Health I believe. She supervised Victoria Hunt 50% time. Vicky Hernandez can verify her last name. Also please pull from documents on my computer, any and all files to do with the Merit Tool and the Annual Review Process. This is to include all of the documents that Beth Stuyck passed on to me from her computer that you will find on my desktop. Also please pull the final merit tool spreadsheet that Kristen Lerner submitted to Jim Ovens for Pathology.  Her original termination form in HCM, both her resignation letters, my acceptance of resignation sent to Jana Strunk, and any emails to Vicky Hernandez, Dorothee Staber, Sharon Corcoran, Jessica Kline and Charles Young involving Jessica Kline.  Any emails surrounding the volunteer faculty appointments communicated between Vicky Hernandez, Dorothee Staber, and I. Also any documents on my computer involving the volunteer faculty appointments.  Please pull emails from Vicky Hernandez, Jana Strunk, Mike James, Agnes Witkiewicz, Erik Knudsen, and Regina Jones addressed to Dorothee, myself or both regarding Victor Pashkov and his transfer from Pathology to the Temp Office. If at all possible, any emails sent back and forth from Vicky Hernandez, Regina Jones, and Dorothee Staber regarding Victor Pashkov. My justification for this is that the task of transferring Victor Pashkov was no longer my responsibility after his final day in Pathology. Therefore all communication had about the downstream effects of him not transferring properly may not have been communicated to me. I don't believe I have the full story on this particular allegation and therefore cannot say with confidence that I can adequately defend this particular allegation against me.  These are all the records I believe I will need to properly defend the allegations against me. If I feel I need more once I am further into my investigation, may I have the ability to request for more records?

Category: Personnel information
Request Date: 10/29/2013