UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100349
Summary: Financial Information

Pursuant to the Texas Open Records Act, I hereby request the following documents:  (1) All invoices, payment information, purchase orders, RFP, proposals, notes of meetings, regarding or evidencing any financial transactions, and/or communications (for any reason) between your entity and the following individuals and/or entities for the previous 10 years:  a. Senator Judith Zaffirini b. The Senate Office of Senator Judith Faffirini c. Zaffirini Communications d. Zaftex Corporation e. Judith Pappas Zaffirini f. Judy Zaffirini g. Carlos Zaffirini, Sr. h. Carlos Zaffirini, Jr. i. Border Health Care Ventures j. Adelanto HealthCare Ventures LLC k. Zaffirini & Castillo, Attorneys l. Judith Zaffirini and Associates m. David Hl Arrendondo n. Clarissa Chapa o. Delfina and Josefina Alexander Family Limited Partnership p. Delfina E. and Josefina Alexander Family Foundation

Category: Financial information
Request Date: 10/10/2013