UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100255
Summary: Personnel Information

I would like to make a TPIA request for documents concerning any change in employment status for the following Parkland/UTSW officers: (1) Brent Treichler--Chief of ER medical services; (2) Robert Rege--Chairman surgery dept.; (3) Carol Tamminga--Chairwoman of psychiatry; (4) Adam Brenner--Residency program director psychiatry; (5) John Quinn--Medical director Parkland psychiatry; (6) Robert Garrett--Assistant medical director Parkland psych ER; (7) Celia Jenkins--UTSW faculty psychiatry; (8) Paul Mohl--UTSW faculty psychiatry; (9) Timothy Wolff--UTSW faculty psychiatry; (10) Karen Kowalske--Chairwoman PM&R; (11) Samuel Bierner--Residency program director PM&R

Category: Personnel information
Request Date: 07/07/2013