UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100245
Summary: Other

This relates to the contracts executed between UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, and the corporation entities, ZLH LC, Inc. and UMC LC, Inc., also in any names used to represent the same corporation entities as they executed the contracts relating to the sale transaction to UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (UTSW):  Have any of the agreements I have received, or any I am not yet aware of between UTSW and ZLUH/UMC/SPUH hospital parties been amended or changed in any way, since the change in busiess organization operations, where a party to a contract, can make alterations despite it being a clear conflict of interest, whereby the statute passed allowing such without knowledge to the board so long as at least one board member is aware of the conflict, in relation to the statute in effect as of September 1, 2011; Have there been any contract renegotiations been reinstated, altered or terms changed by the university, including any agreements stemming from the sale or post sale activities, specifically since September 1, 2011; have there been any post-dissolution judgments that UT Southwestern has paid for existing claims from the "gift", or any other expenses created or paid from the "gift".

Category: Other
Request Date: 05/13/2013