UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100229
Summary: Litigation

I would like the names of all "Covered Parties" to the settled qui tam False Claims Act lawsuits styled, "U.S., ex relator Lien Kyri, vs. Parkland, Kowalske, Bierner, et.al," and "U.S., ex relator Larry Gentilello vs. UTSW, Parkland, et.al." For instance, I was told that the covered parties for the Kyri qui tam case were: Parkland, Karen Kowalske, Samuel Bierner, Vincent Gabriel, Anne Hudak, Susan Knapton, Jian Hu, Priti Khanna, Geetha Pandian, Anjali Shah, Amy Phalen, Phala Helm, Dallas Lea, Susan Garstang, and Michelle Mendez. Please verify this and any other names identified as "Covered Parties" to these lawsuits.  Please also include a copy of the Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) that Parkland was given as part of its regulatory enforecement agreement imposed by the HHS Office of the Inspector General

Category: Other
Request Date: 06/06/2013