UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100200
Summary: Contract Information

We have bid numerous projects to various contractors for UTSWMC work and would like to know how we might get a bid tabulation on what contractor was awarded these projects listed below:  UTSWMC NL6.110E, 110G for Cell Biology; UTSWMC NL Locations - Computation Office & Lab; UTSWMC N8.230 Tissue Culture; UTSWMC NE2.704 Hyper MRI Installation; UTSWMC Pickens Biomedical Lab for EV0200 Equipment; UTSWMC POB1 Level 6 620F & 620GA; UTSWMC H2.110 Chem Storage; UTSWMC U9.410 - 414 Office Remodel for Internal Medicine; UTSWMC Finish Out for Cell Biology NL6.120D & NL6.120F; UTSWMC NB4.610 Zebra Finch Colony; UTSWMC ND8.136B Dr. Yuh Min Chook; UTSWMC NE2.706 MRI Installation; UTSWMC NB3 Cage Wash

Category: Contract information
Request Date: 05/16/2013