UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100191
Summary: Other

This is a request for public information under the Texas Public Information Act. I am seeking the following information: (1) a copy of the consent form used by UTSW researchers to enroll infants in the "Early CPAP versus Surfactant in Extremely Pretern Infants" study between 2005 to 2009; (2) A list of the members of the UTSW Institutional Review Board that approved the consent form for that study; (3) A list of the parents who signed the consent form giving UTSW permission to enroll their infants in said study.  I am seeking only parental identifies, not patient identities that would be covered by HIPAA; (3) any report, memo or e-mail messages related to said study that were exchanged by UTSW employees, researchers and former researchers after UTSW received the letter, dated March 7, 2013, from Lisa R. Buchanan, compliance oversight coordinator for the HHS division of compliance oversight, and sent to Angela Wishon, UTSW vice president

Category: Other
Request Date: 04/12/2013