UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100177
Summary: Contract Information

I would like to request the following documents from you ( in two separate PIA requests): (1) All PM&R encounter (billing) forms signed by UTSW faculty members that are billed to Medicare or Medicaid filled out by PM&R residents at Parkland from 2004 to 2010 by Samuel Bierner, Karen Kowalske, Vincent Gabriel, Jian Hu, Anne Hudak and Susan Knapton.  Please redact confidential patient information (such as names, address, patient ID numbers, etc.) These forms should be stamped with either "Medicare" or "Medicaid.";  (2) Contract for consultative or audit services authorized by UTSW to Grant Thornton, LLP in 2012 to examine expense

Category: Contract information
Request Date: 04/01/2013