UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100170
Summary: Police Report

I am a employee here at Utsouthwestern medical center.  On Sept 20,2012 about 7:15 I came outside from work and it was note on the front windshield to asking me to contact the UT police because someone had side swipe my car. I called the UT police and they came out and said that someone that was coming in for a conference saw and got the description  of the vehicle of the car that side swipe me.  They gave me police report number but I have missed placed it.  They also told me that they had took pictures of my car which was a rental with temporary tags from I and G Autohaus.   It was a red mustang with two black strips on the trunk.  The ut police had inform that they also took a report. If you can provide me with the pictures and the report I really would apreciate it

Category: Police Reports
Request Date: 03/26/2013