UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100149
Summary: Other

I am writing to request any and all information regarding the alleged investigation regarding my protected health information including e-mails, correspondence, notes, e-maila addresses, full names and contact information of anyone involved and/or questioned regarding this matter, memorandums, notes, etc.  I am also request full names and contact information of all persons involved in the handling of any information used in the course of the health screening I received.  I am also requesting the full names and contact information for any person who would have had any incidental access to my protected health information.  I am also requesting all documentation pertaining to the guidelines for collection, storage, retrieval, access, and analysis of any health information and/or test information - and the full names of persons assigned to those tasks/responsibilities as it pertains to the test I completed and my short and long-term protected health.

Category: Other
Request Date: 02/16/2013