UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100148
Summary: Contracts

(1) Please provide the written instruction from the Zale Lipshy University Medical Center, Inc. or its related corporations, at their sole member (St. Paul and Zale Lipshy) to the Administrative Services Agreement Agent, and the Legal Registered Agent Office, for the protocols of responding to the notice of claim or suit against any of the entities, after the dissolution date, for claims existing before the dissolution date; (2) It is a public information request, based on the UTSW Management Services Agreement with Zale Lipshy University Hospital, Inc. and Zale Lipshy University Medical Center, Inc. in April 2003, for a 21 month period leading up to the sale transaction, for the Corporation Bylaws, referred to in the Management Services Agreement, as a UT Southwestern Medical Center employee, was required as part of the agreement, to be made the Chief Executive Officer, and Vice Chair, to each of the hospitals.  Where can I obtain a copy of the specific Bylws referred to relating to the employee of UT Southwestern "Manager" John McConnell, M.D.? (3) Have there been ay amended versions, or alterations, to any of the contracts/agreements I have obtained a request for? Do you automatically include any subsequent amendments to contracts upon the request for the initial document?  If not, please provide any amended agreements in full or in part to the following: Administrative Services Agreement; Asset Purchase Agreement; UTSW and UMC/ZLUH/SPUH Escrow Services Agreement, Management Services Agreement; (4) Was there any document that specifically terminated the Management Agreement, as it was in 1 year term increments, but was still in force when Dr. Wildenthal presented to the Board the rationale for purchasing the hospitals in Aug 2004.  So I would resume it ran right up to the date of the sale?  If not, please provide the written termination document. (5) I noticed that the Legislature changed the ability to alter contracts so long as only one person on the Board was aware and the same, if there was a conflict of interest.  Has there been any alterations  of any contracts related to the sale and operation and dissolution and payment from the "gift" funds, since that was passed September 1, 2011?  If so, please provide the documentation of such; (6) Have there been any payments made to claimants, or other debts or liabilities made from the Wire Transfer Funds, on Feb. 13, 2008, and if so, please provide the payments made in accordance with the agreement.

Category: Contract information
Request Date: 02/19/2013