UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100119
Summary: Other

I would like to make a PIA request for all documents and communications sent by you or your agents or representatives on behalf of Parkland and UTSW to the U.S. Attorneys Office, U.S. Department of Justice, or Texas Attorney Generals Office regarding any of my Texas PIA requests.  This includes illegal inquiries made by Parkland and UTSW under Texas Government code section 553.222 on this Requester, regarding IP addresses, false allegations on the identity of this requester, legitimacy of PIA requests made, and allegations of other PIA Requesters regarding official PIA requests.  Please include all supporting  documents, including lists of IP addresses submitted to the federal regulators, who apparently have no jurisdiction regarding TPIA requests.

Category: Other
Request Date: 01/08/2013