UT Southwestern Open Records Requests Received

Request ID: 100052
Summary: Personnel Information

This is a TPIA request for all records related to Dr. Charles E. Geyer including, but not limited to the following: resume & CV; applications for employment, including job posting and related documents; letters of reference; contracts, job descriptions; chronological employment record; performance reviews and related documents; disciplinary records; assessments of fitness to work; separation agreements; settlement agreements; non-disparagement agreements; documents concerning eligibility for rehire; financial agreements; evaluations by self and others; conflict of interest and personal financial disclosure forms; employment contracts and related documents; complaints about him; including but not limited to those filed with police, human resources, patient relations, nursing supervisors and higher administrators; responses to these complaints and all related documents, such as assessments of the complaints; emails, memos and letters in personnel records; police records; communications of any kind with law enforcement agencies; communications of any kind with regulatory agencies

Category: Personnel information
Request Date: 12/06/2012