Recent Urology Residents

Graduates of the Department of Urology residency program go on to advance their careers in a variety of areas, from additional fellowship training to academic medicine to private practice.

Here’s where some of our recent residents headed after graduation:

2016 Graduates Post-Residency Plans
William Armstrong, M.D. Private Practice – Tyler, TX
Paul Chung, M.D. University of Washington – Fellowship in Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery
Matthew Meissener, M.D. MD Anderson – Fellowship in Urologic Oncology
Nathan Starke, M.D. University of Virginia – Fellowship in Andrology
2015 Graduates Post-Residency Plans
Christrophery Cefalu, M.D. Private Practice – Shreveport, LA
Brian Mazzarella, M.D. Private Practice – Shreveport, LA
Jeffrey Shoss, M.D. Private Practice – Oklahoma City, OK
Gregory Thoreson, M.D. Private Practice – Dallas, TX
2014 Graduates Post-Residency Plans
Aditya Bagrodia, M.D. UT Southwestern Medical Center, Urologic Oncology Faculty
Michael Belsante, M.D. Private Practice – Nashville, TN
Daniel Ramirez, M.D. Private Practice – Nashville, TN
Casey Seideman, M.D. Westchester Medical Center, Pediatric Urology Faculty – Portland, OR
2013 Graduates Post-Residency Plans
Mehrad Adibi, M.D. MD Anderson, Urologic Oncology Faculty – Houston, TX
Jessica Lubahn, M.D. Private Practice – Portland, OR
Paul Smith, M.D. Private Practice – Houston, TX
William Smith, M.D. Private Practice – Dallas, TX