Patient Care

Patient care remains the committed focus of our faculty members, residents, fellows, and nursing staff.

Documented in the textbook, Williams Obstetrics, our patient care delivery system is nationally recognized for its integrated approach to the care of pregnant women and its ability to measure treatment outcomes.

The gynecologic and maternity services in the Parkland Health & Hospital System and the UT Southwestern University Hospitals and Clinics practices have been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as among the nation’s best.

This is remarkable considering that between St. Paul University Hospital and Parkland Memorial Hospital, our physicians, residents, and fellows deliver more than 15,000 women annually and have adverse outcomes that are below the national average for rates of stillbirth, very-low-birth-weight infants, and cesarean deliveries.

The UT Southwestern University Hospitals and Clinics practice offers both comprehensive obstetrical care, as well as subspecialty care delivered by maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) faculty. With approximately 600 deliveries annually, this practice is small in comparison to the Parkland maternity service, but it is unique because in addition to diagnostic and consultative services, our MFM practice is open to obstetrical patients who are delivered by MFM faculty. The MFM practice also operates a maternal transport service and accepts high-risk patients from community obstetricians.

Open to UT Southwestern faculty physicians as well as community physicians, St. Paul University Hospital was the first in Dallas to provide family-oriented birthing suites (LDRs) with home-like settings. Individualized care is provided by physicians and nurses who have specialized training in obstetrical care.

Altogether our Parkland facilities provide a total resource of 36 labor beds, four delivery rooms, seven operating rooms, a seven-bed recovery room, and a five-bed critical care unit. Built 50 years ago, Parkland Hospital is being replaced by a new facility. When completed in 2015, the new Parkland Hospital will have 48 LDRs, nine dedicated obstetrical operating rooms, and an 18-bed recovery room