Medical Student Involvement

Community Action Research Track

The Community Action Research Track (CART) is based on the principles of community-based participatory research (CBPR), population medicine with special emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention, and the social determinants of health. Students enrolled in CART participate in a coordinated program of instruction, electives, ambulatory care rotations, and service-learning experiences with populations in underserved areas. This program offers a three-year experience in which data collection and student progress are monitored in a cumulative manner.

Community Health Fellowship Program

A subset of CART students participate in the competitive Community Health Fellowship Program (CHFP). This nine-week program provides a comprehensive community-based participatory research experience to a small group of exceptional medical students annually. Students do not have to be enrolled in CART to be considered for the CHFP, but all students interested in CART are invited to apply for the Community Health Fellowship Program if they are seeking a comprehensive community-based learning experience.

Community Medicine Elective

The Community Medicine Elective is completed during either the third or fourth year of training. The elective has been offered through the Community Medicine Section for the last six years and provides students with practice-oriented and/or service-oriented learning opportunities related to community medicine. Students do not have to be enrolled in CART to take the community medicine elective, but this four-week elective is a requirement for all CART students.