Clinical Rotations

Physician Assistant students Nicole Adamek and Jeffery Neumann
learn how to read chest X-rays.

After four semesters of in-depth academic preparation, you’ll be ready to put what you’ve learned into action. In 59 weeks of challenging clinical rotations, you’ll work with internationally-acclaimed preceptors to strengthen your skills as part of the patient care team in a broad range of settings.

Although the order of these rotations varies for each student, you’ll complete them all and be exposed to nearly two dozen private, public, inpatient, and outpatient care locations. At the end of your clinical rotations, we’ll support your transition into a professional career with a job fair and resume workshop.

Internal Medicine

This eight-week inpatient rotation takes place at Parkland Hospital or Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas. You’ll become an integral member of the medical team that includes medical students, interns, residents, and attending physicians. You’ll become proficient in gathering medical data and making tentative assessments and plans as you participate in the management of patients on general medicine wards. This rotation requires overnight calls. Student housing is provided at Scott & White.

Emergency Medicine

This four‑week rotation in area hospital emergency departments emphasizes the roles and functions of in-hospital emergency care. In high-intensity 12-hour shifts, you’ll gain experience in trauma evaluation and management, and learn the medical and surgical aspects of emergency intervention. You’ll gain firsthand experience in the management and treatment of patients triaged to urgent care and fast tracks for health care delivery.


For this four‑week rotation, you’ll be headquartered in one of four outstanding Dallas facilities: Parkland Memorial Hospital, UT Southwestern University Hospitals (William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital and Zale Lipshy University Hospital), or the Dallas VA Medical Center. To gain practical experience with general surgical problems, you’ll participate in the management of hospitalized patients seven days a week, including assisting in surgery, preoperative and postoperative care, and daily ward rounds. You’ll also attend structured teaching conferences and tutorials.


This six‑week outpatient rotation in general pediatrics puts you in touch with well and sick children in Dallas-based private physician practices and community-oriented primary care clinics. As you participate in ambulatory care, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of normal childhood development and become proficient in providing anticipatory guidance to parents and caregivers.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

This six‑week rotation is divided into two three‑week experiences—one at Parkland and one at area gynecological practices. The first gives you in-depth exposure to the management of labor and delivery. The second, focused on outpatient gynecology, gives you experience in well‑woman gynecologic exams, family planning, and outpatient prenatal and postpartum care.

Family Medicine

This eight‑week rotation in a Dallas-area private physician practice gives you practical outpatient care experience in a primary care setting. You’ll deliver acute care and continuing care and address health maintenance issues in partnership with your supervising internal medicine or family practice physician. During this rotation, you’ll demonstrate evidence‑based medicine practice skills and complete an evidence‑based research project.


This four‑week rotation in hospital and correctional-facility settings provides a powerful mix of inpatient and outpatient experience. You’ll gain practical experience and assume patient care responsibilities in the continuing care of patients in a psychiatric setting. You’ll learn the fundamentals of DSM‑IV diagnostic criteria and psychiatric nosology, while you deepen your understanding of the clinical presentation and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Infectious Disease

This four-week rotation at Parkland, the Dallas VA Medical Center, and private physician practices gives you firsthand experience in the evaluation and treatment of patients with HIV and other infectious diseases. You’ll be directly involved in the multidisciplinary approach to patient management in inpatient and outpatient settings.

Clinical Selective Rotation

This four-week rotation gives you a chance to focus on a medical or surgical subspecialty that has special appeal for you. Your options include adolescent medicine, allergy/immunology, bariatric surgery, dermatology, hematology, internal medicine, nephrology, orthopedics, rheumatology, surgery, trauma care, and urology.

Clinical Elective Rotation

This four-week rotation gives you even more freedom. Choose from more than two dozen fields of medicine for in-depth exploration. Some of the most popular choices are dermatology, emergency medicine, and surgery subspecialities. Depending on the field you choose, some international opportunities may be available.