OME Faculty/Staff

Stephen Cannon, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and
Director, Office of Medical Education
Phone: 214-648-6709

Jennifer Cuthbert, M.D.
Director, Web Curriculum
Phone: 214-648-2706

Rahm Heymann
Clinical Assessment Specialist, Simulation Center
Phone: 214-648-0260

Carla Mosley
Supervisor of Education, Standardized Patient Program
Phone: 214-648-5383

Palma Longo, Ph.D.
Director, Instructional Development and Education Research
Phone: 214-648-0482

Bob Nunnelee
Software Systems Supervisor, Web Curriculum
Phone: 214-648-9150

Arlene Sachs, Ph.D.
Director, Student Academic Support Services
Phone: 214-648-9590

Betty Shaw
Education Coordinator, Office of Medical Education
Phone: 214-648-9176

Kim Vance
Education Coordinator, Web Curriculum
Phone: 214-648-9965

Carol Wortham, M.Ed.
Manager, Student Academic Assistance Services
Phone: 214-648-9590