Forensic Pathology Fellowship

Dallas County and UT Southwestern Medical School offer a one-year Forensic Pathology Fellowship Training Program with special emphasis on comprehensive, scientific death investigation. The fellow is expected to complete approximately 200–300 forensic autopsies during the year and will be expected to provide related courtroom testimony and will be actively involved with the supportive investigative division of the Office of the Medical Examiner.

The Medical Examiner's Office is co-located with the Criminal Investigation Laboratory, which contains both the toxicology and physical evidence sections, which allows for active involvement with these teams as part of the training year.

This high level of integration of the Medical Examiner's Office, Criminal Investigation Laboratory, and Department of Pathology at UT Southwestern provides numerous opportunities for academic interactions, including conferences, teaching, and research activities. Regularly scheduled conferences include both gross and microscopic neuropathology, didactic lecture sessions, cardiac pathology, and case review conferences.

Additional professional consultants used frequently by the Medical Examiner's Office include forensic odontology, anthropology, pediatric pathology, and entomology. This is a year of intense activity with unique opportunity to develop forensic pathology judgment and capabilities.


Satisfactory completion of training in an approved anatomic pathology program. Devotion to duty, high personal integrity, and keen sense of interest in the field of forensic pathology are also necessary. Physician must have a Texas medical license or be eligible for a Texas medical institutional permit.


$86,000 − $107,000