Medical School Rankings

UT Southwestern Medical School is among the best nationwide.

U.S. News & World Report ranks UT Southwestern Medical School in the top 25 in the nation in both the research and primary care categories in its listing of "Best Medical Schools for 2016."

We're one of less than two dozen medical schools in the entire country to receive a top 25 ranking in both categories.

Where you go to medical school is important – for the quality of your medical education and for the potential opportunities you’ll have when it comes time for residency training.

Few medical schools nationally – and none in the Southwest – can match the overall educational excellence UT Southwestern offers in its classrooms, laboratories, clinics, and hospitals. We’re also hard to beat when it comes to tuition costs, according to data from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

All told, the Medical School offers:

  • A high-quality, well-rounded education.
  • An elite, prestigious program.
  • Extremely affordable tuition.