Where Are They Now?

Former Scholar Randy Friese, M.D., in the News

“National Movement Springs from Compassionate Care by UA Trauma Surgeon Randall Friese following Tucson Shootings”
Article published by The University of Arizona College of Medicine.

University of Arizona medical students, faculty and staff, as well as health care professionals and others, joined hands in a human chain at the medical school at noon Monday, Feb. 14, to observe the first National Day of Solidarity for Compassionate Patient Care. 

The event is one of dozens at medical schools in the United States and Canada that took place to recognize the compassionate care of UA trauma surgeon Randall Friese, M.D., who was the first physician to treat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot on Jan. 8. Dr. Friese, an associate professor in the UA Department of Surgery, struck a chord in the international medical community when he told The New York Times that his most important actions that terrible day were “holding her hand, speaking to her and reassuring her that she was in the hospital and would be cared for.” 

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